Nikon introduces new sun lens options! As easy as 1-2-3…


Although the sun is essential to our lives, solar radiation such as ultraviolet rays can be hazardous to our visual health.  It is crucial, now more than ever, to be aware of the negative effects of sun exposure and take the necessary safeguards to protect our eyes. Nikon presents sun solutions that are fun, simple and most importantly, completely safe for your eyes when exposed to ultraviolet rays…

Health Info on The Effects of Blue Light


Do you know the effects of blue light on your eyes and how you can be protected…

Good News! NIKON is excited to announce the launch of the SeeCoat Blue UV coating…


The ultimate contrast enhancement now made even better! SeeCoat Blue UV cuts out blue light rays and provides full UV protection for comfortable vision and improved visual health.

Nikon Optical Canada introduces new KIDS line!


Nikon Kids: a new series of single vision lenses that offer quality from the most trusted name in optics, designed especially for kids up to 15 years of age.



Nikon is pleased to have been chosen by visionaries who depend on their vision as they are the rising stars of the world. Each has achieved dreams through efforts and vision, and continues to aspire to reach for the next goal.  Elizabeth-Ann Doyle, co-founder of MU, is our Canadian ambassador for our new I SEE Campaign. MU is a non-profit organization whose mission is to beautify the city of Montreal through art in the public space.

Tips for healthy eyesight

Don’t forget to blink every second

When using a computer, you tend to blink less than usual as you are focused on the screen, it makes your eyes dry. By moisturizing your eyes, you relaxed them.