Nikon Redefines Vision (Again!)


Always committed to providing exceptional optical performance, Nikon, once again, redefines vision. Introducing Presio Master FP and SeeMax Master AP, Nikon’s latest progressive lenses designed to eliminate visual discomfort and provide instant adaptation.

Help Protect Your Eyes with Nikon SeeCoat Blue


Introduced in February 2012, Nikon SeeCoat Blue was the first clear lens coating in Canada to filter the harmful portion of blue light to optimize contrasts, reduce eye strain and, most importantly, help protect your visual health.

What do you SEE with Nikon Lenswear?


We launched a brand new facebook application “What do you SEE with Nikon Lenswear?” on July 18th. It’s an application where you can create your own I SEE tagline on your photo. Challenge your creativity and share your I SEE moment with your friends!

Award winning Nikon products


2 of Nikon optical products, Presio Life and SeeClear Blue have won Good Design Award. Good Design Award is a comprehensive program established in 1957 for the evaluation and encouragement of design organized by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP).

View the Presio Life AwardView the SeeClear Blue Award

*The product is named Presio Life for DigiLife and SeeClear Blue for SeeCoat Blue in Japan

Tips for healthy eyesight

Face massage

  1. Dip a towel in hot water
  2. Rub your neck, your cheek and forehead with the warm towel. Don’t rub your eyes.