Nikon spectacle lenses, based on 100 years of Nikon technology


Nikon turns 100! Since its establishment in 1917, as Nippon Kogaku K.K., Nikon has harnessed the power of lenses to contribute to the advancement of imaging culture and sciences, as well as the development of industry, creating breakthrough technologies and products in the process.

Filled with appreciation for the previous 100 years, Nikon moves forward to the next 100, where its role will be in creating new values for a brighter future. Join us as Nikon moves forward into its next 100 years.

Great article to read in the National Post…


We are pleased to share some exciting news with you: the National Post in partnership with the Canadian Association of Optometrists, Canadian National Institute for the Blind, Foundation Fighting Blindness, Canadian Council of the Blind, and the Canadian Retina Society published a special Eye Health edition in the May 25th issue of the National Post.

Nikon is launching this spring a new polarized GREY-GREEN colour option!


Nikon polarized grey-green lenses filter out blue light and the central part of the visible spectrum for good balance between contrast enhancement and natural colours.

Nikon is launching the new Presio Wide Infinite lens!


Building on the previous Aberration Filter TM Technology (generation I), Presio Wide Infinite benefits from higher levels of aberration control. This lens delivers visual performance that surpasses any regular digital progressive lens on the market.

SeeMax Emblematic:  Today’s Ultimate Vision - 100 Years in the Making


To commemorate Nikon’s 100-year anniversary, Nikon launches SeeMax Emblematic, the most advanced progressive lens available today.  This lens is the result of 100-years of consistent investment in R&D.

SeeMax Emblematic is engineered using Cyclone Technology, Nikon’s cybernetic methodology, which encompasses all three generation Aberration FiltersTM and Viewfit Technology. Each lens is crafted to deliver the most outstanding optical performance and reduces visual stress to the lowest possible level.

SeeMax Emblematic guarantees the most precise vision and immediate and lasting comfort in any conditions. The most sophisticated lens in its category!

Tips for healthy eyesight

Don’t forget to blink every second

When using a computer, you tend to blink less than usual as you are focused on the screen, it makes your eyes dry. By moisturizing your eyes, you relaxed them.