It’s your world. See it clearly with Nikon Sunwear!

Enjoy the sun’s benefits without worrying about its potentially dangerous effects. Nikon SUNWEAR offers a line of sun lenses specifically designed to protect your eyes against the negative effects of solar radiation while providing maximum comfort, healthy vision and great looks!


From the Frame to the Lenses

Recommended For: Wearers looking for a new sensory experience with their prescription sun lens just like they would with our Plano Polarized Premium sunglasses.


Your Prescription Sun Lenses

Recommended For: Wearers looking to experience the same visual experience as they have with their clear correction lenses

Radiance XP

See your true radiant colours

Recommended For: Sunlens wearers enjoying sport oriented activities requiring large frame sunglasses.

SeeSun UV

Dual Side UV Protection

Recommended For: Sun lens wearers looking for full UV protection and aesthetics.