Enjoy the sun in style

Whether it is a day at the pool, at the skiing slope or on a road trip, Nikon prescription sunglasses protect you against UV rays while providing the same visual comfort found on clear optical lenses.

SeeSun Next

The best-in-class UV protection

Recommended For: Sun lens wearers looking for full UV protection and aesthetics.

Design Match

Flawless transition from clear to sun lenses

Recommended For: Wearers with a very active lifestyle looking for an all-year-round sun protection.

SeeSun Mirror

Stylish Sun Protection

Recommended For: Wearers looking for highly reflective mirror coatings


From the Frame to the Lenses

Recommended For: Wearers looking for a new sensory experience with their prescription sun lens just like they would with our Plano Polarized Premium sunglasses.