More than just light!

We spend close to 11 hours in front of a screen each day which has increased our exposure to blue light. Lenses that block blue light can have a yellowish appearance that is not very attractive.

Pure Blue UV is an innovative lens material with light purification technology.  This technology effectively filters out blue light and UV rays while maintaining a clear lens-like appearance.


All in one protection

Light Purification Technology

Embedded molecules within the lens intelligently filter UV and harmful blue light before they reach the patient’s eyes.

UV and Blue Light Absorber

Effortlessly absorbs UV and part of the harmful blue light all day, every day.

Pure Blue UV absorbs up to 35% of blue light, protecting your eyes without compromising on the aesthetics.

Visual Clarity Very Close to a Clear Lens

<p><strong>Standard Blue Cut Lens</strong></p>

Standard Blue Cut Lens

<p>Pure Blue UV</p>

Pure Blue UV