Design Match

Flawless transition from clear to sun lenses

Recommended For: Wearers with a very active lifestyle looking for an all-year-round sun protection.

Prescription sun lenses offering patients a wide range of lens designs in a variety of colours all while providing the same unparalleled visual comfort found in their clear lenses.

Let your patients show their unique style by choosing among our different tints, polarized or mirror options.


  • Exceptional visual comfort
  • Fits the frame of your patient's choice
  • All-year-round sun protection
  • Use the same Nikon lens design in clear or sun version
  • Perfect second pair option

Best aesthetics:

Fits into any frame.

Fully optimized vision:

Unparalleled comfortable vision

Tint selection

A broad range of colours to meet your patient’s style or activities.



Tints are available in a large range of intensities from very dark ( 95%)  to very light (15%) as well gradient options.



Polarized Selection