From the Frame to the Lenses

Recommended For: Wearers looking for a new sensory experience with their prescription sun lens just like they would with our Plano Polarized Premium sunglasses.

The 100% polarized sun lenses combine high-performance light filtration and fitting parameters to offer patients a unique visual experience. These sun lenses eliminate up to 99% of unwanted light.


  • High color contrast and high glare control
  • Excellent UV and blue light protection
  • Exclusive to Nikon Frames
  • Mirror Coating available for Green and Blue Gray polarized filters

Polashade Reveal

This lens creates a new sensory experience that patients can enjoy with their prescriptions just like they would with on our plano polarized premium sunglasses.


Polashade 2

The classic protection and comfort of our high quality polarized lenses in all your favourite colours.


Polashade Flash Mirror

Add a trendy twist to Polashade lenses with this light mirror coating.

Combine additional protection with an edgy look.

The best eyewear lenses are different depending on your needs.
Visit an eyecare professional and ask about the best lenses for you.

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