Radiance XP

SEE Your True Colors with a fashionable polarized protection

Recommended For: Sunlens wearers seeking fun, fashion, function and protection

Go out and… Explore. Chase the sun. SEE your true colours with RADIANCE XP: Nikon’s dedicated sun lens designs. Whatever the activity or season, RADIANCE XP lenses combine style and performance to give you what you truly want: Fun, Fashion, Function and Protection.


  • Best performance in prescription eye wear
  • Flexibility in frame selection
  • E-SPF 25 UV protection

Fits virtually any frame and prescription. Available in grey, brown and now in GREY-GREEN. Choose RADIANCE XP as your ultimate sunlens for visual comfort.

Unsightly glare generated by sun light reflecting on flat surfaces such as water, the road or snow can compromise vision. Polarized lenses filter the light waves eliminating glare and providing clear vision.

<p>Conventional Lens</p>

Conventional Lens

<p><strong>Nikon Polarized Lens</strong></p>

Nikon Polarized Lens

Tint options:

Polarized options:

Mirror options: