Relaxsee NEO Series

Eye Strain Relief Single Vision Lens

Recommended For: Optimized Eye Strain Relief

Relaxsee Neo was developed and refined with the flexibility to help the full range of patients who start to feel eye strain. With Relaxsee Neo you can choose the accommodation support for your patient that offers the best visual experience. And you can provide options over time.


  • Reduces eye strain and eye fatigue

Relaxsee Neo will accompany you throughout your life stages.

Did you know ? 32.4% of adults and 9.1% of children report experiencing eye strain.

(source: The Vision Council reports on digital eye strain,2019)

Digital devices are changing the way we see.

Today’s digital screen culture accentuates accomodation problems in the near distance focus range. That’s true even for non-presbyopes.


Relaxsee Neo uses Nikon’s unique “Twin Technology” to provide clear and sharp vision in the upper part of the lens while the lower part offers stress-free near vision.

When Relaxsee Neo is used along with SeeCoat Blue Premium, patients get better contrast and optimal eye strain protection.

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