SeeCoat™ Next Blue

Protect your vision

Recommended For: wearers who want to protect their eyes from harmful blue light

SeeCoat™ Next Blue is a revolutionary blue light filter designed to protect your vision and reduce eye strain from constant digital device usage.


  • Improved blue light protection
  • Reduces eye fatigue
  • Enhanced visual clarity

The blue light absorber

The increased use of digital devices in the last few years has influenced our exposure to blue light. Consequently, patients feel constant eyestrain and headaches.

SeeCoat™ Next Blue cuts more blue light by absorbing HEV blue light emitted by digital devices, providing superior protection and enhanced visual clarity.

Clarity, durability and protection for the digital adept

<p><strong>Conventional coating</strong></p>

Conventional coating

<p><strong>SeeCoat™ Next Blue</strong></p>

SeeCoat™ Next Blue