SeeSun Next

The best-in-class UV protection

Recommended For: Sun lens wearers looking for full UV protection and aesthetics.

A multilayer coating with anti-reflection on the backside of the lens offering complete protection against UV rays


  • UV protection from both sides
  • E-SPF 35 (Eye-Sun Protection Factor)
  • Long lasting lenses

Full  UV Protection

All Nikon sun lenses coated with SeeSun Next come equipped with E-SPF 35.

Much like SPF for sunscreen, the E-SPF (Eye-Sun Protection Factor) value indicates the degree of protection a lens offers by absorbing UV rays from the front-side and preventing UV reflections on or around the eyes from the back-side.

It has been estimated that half of the UV radiations reaching us come from reflections (sky, ground, water, windows, etc.) and not directly from the sun.

*All tinted lenses come with UV 400.

Complete UV Protection

<p>Conventional UV Protection</p>

Conventional UV Protection

<p>SeeSun Next</p>

SeeSun Next