SeeSun UV

Dual Side UV Protection

Recommended For: Sun lens wearers looking for full UV protection and aesthetics.

Most UV protection approved lenses safeguard against UV rays from the front, but not always from reflected UV on the back. SeeSun UV coating cuts the ultraviolet light from both sides of the lens, while keeping your sun wear looking great.


  • UV protection from both sides
  • E-SPF 25 (Eye-Sun Protection Factor)
  • Scratch resistant, easy to clean, anti-static and back side anti-glare

Front and Back UV Protection

All Nikon sun lenses coated with SeeSun UV come equipped with E-SPF 25*
Much like SPF for sunscreen, the E-SPF (Eye-Sun Protection Factor) value indicates the degree of protection a lens offers by absorbing UV rays from the front-side and preventing UV reflections on or around the eyes from the back-side.

It has been estimated that half of UV radiations reaching us come from reflections (sky, ground, water, windows, etc.) and not directly from the sun.

SeeSun UV dramatically cuts the reflection transmitted from the back of the lens compared to conventional antireflection coatings.

Greater Protection and Comfort

Prolonged exposure to UV can cause short term discomfort (glare, blurred images, irritation) but also long term effects contributing to premature eye disease (cataracts).

So go ahead, enjoy the sun, but take necessary precautions. Everyone can benefit from SeeSun UV and E-SPF to promote long term eye health. They can protect the developing eyes of kids, provide preventive measures against possible eye disease for adults, and protect seniors’ vision from further damage.

*1.50 index clear or tinted lenses come with E-SPF 10 unless UV 400 is added.