Custom-made lenses

Custom-tailor your lenses to precisely fit your visual needs.

Nikon prescription lenses are manufactured one at a time for a truly custom-made experience. They’re calculated using the measurements and information sent by your eye care professional to fit your correction needs. But the customization doesn’t end there – did you know that lenses can be customized to fit your favorite frame, and even to fit your lifestyle?

The frame of your glasses has unique measurements which determine how the lenses will be positioned in front of your eyes. This plays an important role in your visual perception. Advanced Nikon lenses take into account the shape and fitting parameters of your frame, which significantly improves the performance that the lenses can deliver.

Tilt angle, Wrap angle, Vertex distance

Because people lead different types of lifestyles, they also need different types of lenses. Your eye care professional will ask you about your main activities and preferences, and will then determine the parameters that will allow Nikon to create lenses that best fit your needs.

Eye care professionals collect more than 12 design parameters that will be used to calculate your lens design when they order Nikon lenses.

Index, Cylinder, Sphere, Axis, Accomodation, Design, Title angle, Wrap angle, Frame shape, Eye-lens distance, Reading distance, Progression Length

These parameters are electronically transmitted from all over the world to Nikon’s Optical Design Engine in Japan, where they are used to calculate and optimize the optical formula of each lens surface. The lenses are then manufactured using high-precision digital surfacing tools.

As a result, each and every wearer who chooses customized Nikon lenses receives lenses tailored to their specific needs, providing superior vision performance.

The best eyewear lenses are different depending on your needs.
Visit an eyecare professional and ask about the best lenses for you.

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