How Nikon makes lenses

Have you ever wondered how your spectacle lenses are made?

Eyeglasses are handcrafted products that are made, one at a time, to fit you comfortably. Especially if you choose advanced Nikon prescription lenses, it will take a few days to get your glasses made, because the lenses are custom-made with an optical design created just for you.

From the moment they’re ordered to the time you receive them, Nikon prescription eyeglass lenses go through a process to ensure they provide you with the sharpest and most comfortable vision.

  1. After measuring or checking your eye correction needs, your eye care professional sends your unique parameters to Nikon. This includes your lens refractive power and, for some Nikon products, information about how the frame fits on your face, frame shape and size along with other parameters to help customize your lenses.
  2. Once your order is received by the Nikon representative company in your country, the data are forwarded to the Nikon Optical Design Engine, our optical optimization calculator located in Japan. This computer system takes all your personal data into account and calculates an optical surface for your eyes only.
  3. This information is then sent back electronically to one of our prescription laboratories where your lenses are manufactured, often in the country where you purchased them. There, high-precision digital tools go to work, surfacing and polishing your lens to fit your exact personal parameters. 
For the most frequent correction needs, such as simple myopia, lenses can also be cast in high-precision aspheric molds. This is done before receiving the order from the optician, with the benefit of faster delivery time.
  4. The lens is then coated, tinted or treated in vacuum chambers according to the various options that you have selected. It’s checked to ensure conformity to Nikon quality standards, and then it’s packed and shipped to your optician.
  5. Your eye care professional then fits the lenses into your eyeglass frame, ensuring that they will be properly positioned in front of your eyes.
  6. After that, your eyeglasses are ready. Your eye care professional will call you to pick them up, and may give you a final check and adjustment.

Your Nikon custom-made lenses combine the powers of advanced technologies – metrology, data transmission and processing, digital manufacturing, thin films and varnishes – in order to provide you with the best possible vision.

The best eyewear lenses are different depending on your needs.
Visit an eyecare professional and ask about the best lenses for you.

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