Eye Care for Children

Proper eye care starts at a young age.

Children often don’t realize they have vision issues, especially when the symptoms are minimal. Therefore, it’s important for parents to regularly schedule eye exams for their children so they can be aware of potential issues and find the best solutions from eye care professionals.

Children also need more frequent eye exams as they grow. The most common vision problems, myopia and hyperopia, happen when the growth of the eye’s length does not match its focusing power.

While kids lead very different lives from adults, they do share one favorite pastime: digital device use. Many children use digital devices as much as adults do, and their eyes get tired from these long hours of intense focusing. They can benefit from using lenses made specifically for digital device users, which are designed to:

  • Protect against intense blue light from digital screens
  • Reduce eye fatigue

Just like adults, kids care about their appearance and they don’t want to compromise their looks. For children that need a strong prescription, Nikon offers thinner high index lenses and advanced Nikon coatings with benefits such as:

  • Ability to fit any fashionable frames
  • Anti-reflection coating to improve the look of the lenses and provide clearer and better vision

When it comes to outdoor activities, children want to focus on play time and not worry about their glasses. Nikon offers many advanced features on modern lenses that can help them keep their focus on fun:

  • Protection from UV rays

  • Durable material reinforced by scratch-resistant coatings

  • Thin high index material that results in lighter lenses

The best eyewear lenses are different depending on your needs.
Visit an eyecare professional and ask about the best lenses for you.

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