Lens Care Guide

User guide and care protection for all lens types.

Keep them clean

  • When wiping dry lenses, use a lens cloth. Do not wipe with too much pressure as it may scratch and damage the lenses.
  • Remember to occasionally wash the lens cloth, as a dirty cloth may have accumulated particles that could scratch lenses.
  • To clean your lenses use a special lens spray provided by your eye care professional or warm, soapy water.
  • Always wipe your lenses dry immediately.
  • Do not clean lenses with hot or boiling water.
  • Do not clean lenses with harsh soaps, household detergents or glass cleaners.
  • Leaving the lenses in a cleaning solution too long will damage the lenses and coating.
  • Clean the lenses immediately if liquids such as detergent, cosmetics, oils, sweat, juices get on them. Stains may be difficult to remove and even damage the coating on the surface if not cleaned immediately.
  • Do not rub lenses with clothing, rags, paper towels or tissues made of recycled material
  • Never expose lenses to harsh chemicals such as hairspray, lacquer, alkalis or acids, etc.

If they’re not on your face, put them in a case

  • To avoid damages, when not being used, eyeglass should always be kept in a protective hard case.
  • If you do put them down, avoid placing the convex side of the lens face-down on any surface as they can get scratched more easily.


  • Do not leave your lenses in places where the temperature changes rapidly or where temperatures are over 60°C as it may alter the optical quality and/or cause cracks on the lenses.
  • Never leave lenses on the dashboard or anywhere in a car, as temperatures can rise exponentially
  • Remove your glasses before going in a sauna
  • Other examples of potential heat damage include: Opening an oven, BBQ or wood stove, placing them on top of a radiator, exposure to direct and prolonged heat from a blow-dryer, etc.


  • The information above is given for reference only.
  • Eyeglass lenses are custom-order prescription medical devices that require proper care for usage and maintenance. Please consult your eye care professional for advice.
  • The warranty is set by your Eye Care Professional, not by Nikon Optical Canada. For any warranty enquiries, please contact your Eye Care Provider.